My World

Oh my giddy flipping wotsit – WE’RE ONLY GOING TO TOP DRAWER, YOU GUYS. Long story short, the magical and beautiful Julie just rang through on her heavenphone and offered us a stand. At Top Drawer. This weekend. THIS WEEKEND.

She was all, ‘Hey guys, what you up to this weekend?’

And we were all, ‘Oh, you know, not much – why?’

And she was all, ‘How would you feel about moseying on down to London and flinging your cards up on some walls I’ve got going free?’

And we were all, ‘Hey, sounds cool – why not?’

AND WE’RE GOING. We’re SO spontaneous and free-spirited. In the movie of our life, My World would definitely be played by Zooey Deschanel. (Tobias has an uncanny resemblance to her anyway, in my opinion.)

So, y’know – stand E78. I repeat, STAND E78. Be there or be a repressed and unhappy young man whose life needs turning around through quirkiness and zany joie de vivre.

— September 12, 2013

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