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So, it's here! Autumn Fair! Hoving into view over the horizon like some colossal card-filled Kraken draped in sparkly seaweed. (I've been up to my eyes in stock and shelving all day. It's possibly I'm a little hysterical.)

This week has mostly been spent checking and double-checking and triple-checking and generally getting myself in a massive flap about things like Dulux reference numbers. I’m enjoying myself enormously. I think I've got everything sorted apart from our gorgeous brand new seasonal cards, which were still being designed on Tuesday and should be back from the printer tomorrow morning. Because getting things done early and in good time is for LOSERS. Tobias The Human Spirit Level and I will be heading down early Saturday, so if we're lucky then we should be all done and dusted with the set-up by, ooh, I don't know - about 3.30 a.m. Sunday morning? (If you're one of our brilliant customers, then please ignore all this. We are an extremely professional and not at all feckless outfit. Honest.)

We’ll be over on stand 4F32, so if you’re at the show then come on over and sample the latest tasty My World treats. (We’re trying something different this time. I’m not saying what it is, but it should get you feeling unseasonably festive…)

— August 29, 2013

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