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Soooooo, who's excited about the upcoming audiobook of Rebecca Muddiman's fantastic STOLEN, for which the savvy and extremely tasteful people at Oakhill Publishing have just acquired the rights?

Oh, what's that? You hadn't heard? Whoops, silly me. Looks like I spilled the beans.

But come on, seriously; how exciting is that?! Very exciting, is the answer. Huge congratulations, Rebecca!

I'm not sure when exactly it'll all be done and dusted, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed it'll be in time for Christmas. And also that they'll get Alan Rickman on board to do the reading. (Purely for the purposes of commercial success, obviously. It's not like I've been in love with him since I was twelve, or anything.) I'll let you know when I know more - and anyone who knows Alan Rickman's number is more than welcome to get in touch. With me. Immediately.

— August 21, 2013

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