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Excitingly glittery news, folks! In another month the David Bowie exhibition at the V&A moves off to pastures new; it’s been a rollicking time, the museum’s bestselling exhibition in the history of ever, and has worked together with David’s frankly excellent new album to launch the world’s zillionth wave of Bowie Fever – helped, as even I cannot summon the delusion to think, in no small part by My World’s stonkingly popular Bowie card, which the V&A has been selling in ludicrous quantities for the past five months.

<-- Proven by science to contain dangerous levels of cool.

But worry not, Bowie fans of the world! The exhibition is heading off soon to a museum near you; specifically the fantastic AGO in Ontario, who got in touch the other day and told us that they also want the Bowie card for the duration of the exhibition. OH YES. We’re also - get this - designing a special card just for them; it’s still in our Top Secret file at the moment, but I saw it yesterday and it is absolutely gorgeous. I’m seriously considering defecting to Canada if that’s the sort of building they house their art in. It’s like a plate glass trireme crewed exclusively by wooden snakes. Brilliant stuff. We're very excited to be working with such a massive institution! 

— July 05, 2013

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