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Phew, what a week! Folks, we’ve done it. All four Moth books and Moth Publishing itself have been officially launched. Alfie Crow launched RANT in Newcastle at a star-studded (well, I was there) event on Monday night – an evening that included a ludicrously hilarious reading from Chapter Three, which I am genuinely regretting not capturing on film – followed by Rebecca Muddiman’s in Guisborough and Helen Cadbury’s in York. Sadly I didn’t manage to make it to Rebecca’s and Helen’s launches, but from the sounds of things both of them went absolutely fantastically too. Helen sent me a picture of her signing queue which I attempted valiantly to post on here before being soundly defeated by the forces of technology; all I can tell you is that it was LONG. Like, famous-person long. This is brilliant, guys. Remember, you saw 'em here first!


— June 07, 2013

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