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Celebrate tonight's brand spanking shiny exciting official launch of Moth Publishing with ALL FOUR MOTH BOOKS, FOR FREE, ON KINDLE, ALL DAY. Come and get 'em.

RANT, by Alfie Crow. A surreal and farcical crime caper involving an out-of-work actor, several geriatric secret agents, an accidental bank robbery and lots and lots of very big guns. Sort of Robert Rankin meets Monty Python crossed with Douglas Adams. Will cause you to giggle like a lunatic on public transport.

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, by Michael Donovan. Pacey modern-day detective noir starring Private Investigator and ex-cop Eddie Flynn, complete with dry wit, rundown office and vintage sports car. Fantastically involving and enjoyable with a great cast of characters, leading to a tense finale.

TO CATCH A RABBIT, by Helen Cadbury. A taut and superbly-paced police procedural thriller which deftly ties two very different plot-lines together in what can only be described as an climactic bow. But one of those really satisfying bows where all the loops are the same length and you can't see any loose ends.

STOLEN, by Rebecca Muddiman. This one's a deceptively calm psychological thriller that revolves around a mother's desperate attempts to locate her long-lost daughter. It's a portrait of grief and determination that gives a searching look at how the media and society treat cases of child kidnap.

— May 31, 2013

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