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Well that was ludicrously successful! After a scant few hours of availability both Rant and Behind Closed Doors made it onto Amazon's 100 Free Bestsellers list, prompting wild yells of delight and around-the-office tribal dancing from yours truly. I was gently restrained and given a mild sedative, under the calming influence of which I can now offer you the next two Moth books. Just as brilliant, and for the next twenty-four hours just as free.

TO CATCH A RABBIT, by Helen Cadbury. A taut and superbly-paced police procedural thriller which deftly ties two very different plot-lines together in what can only be described as an climactic bow. But one of those really satisfying bows where all the loops are the same length and you can't see any loose ends.

STOLEN, by Rebecca Muddiman. This one's a deceptively calm psychological thriller that revolves around a mother's desperate attempts to locate her long-lost daughter. It's a portrait of grief and determination that gives a searching look at how the media and society treat cases of child kidnap.

— May 24, 2013

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