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We’re back! Ring out, wild bells! Yes, folks, it’s the morning after the week before and we’re recovering nicely from the card-based free-for-all that is PGLive. It was – and I say this with total honesty and absolutely no PR flannel – our best show yet.


If you’ll just allow me a moment for some auto-trumpet ventilation: WE ROCKED THAT JOINT. I wasn’t sure what to expect from PGLive, since it’s the shortest and most specialised show we’ve done, and as the professional pessimist of our merry team I had all sorts of gloomy prognostications about our projected lack of success. Well, the bad news is I’ll never make it as a TV psychic; the good news is that hopefully I won’t need to.

It wasn’t just the most professionally successful show we’ve had, though – it was also ridiculously good fun. Highlights included dancing an impromptu conga behind the world’s tiniest and coolest grandma, seeing a six-foot teddy bear wield a gigantic carving knife, and helping the Brainbox Candy boys fall off a cow. Tracey Bearton, editor of Greetings Today magazine and total rock star, heard about our birthday party and turned up with an incredible blue and orange sweetie cake in the shape of a number one. (It’s been a six-day rollercoaster of a sugar rush, but we’ve finally demolished it. Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!)

Next up is Harrogate Home & Gift show in July. I don’t know how on earth we’re going to top PGLive, but we’ll give it a darn good try. If anyone has the number of a reputable marching band then do please get in touch. I've got seven and a half weeks to persuade Tobias into a pair of sequined tights.

— May 21, 2013

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