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Sorry these have taken so long to put up; those paparazzi are a wily bunch. I managed to separate one of the weaker ones from the herd but even so had to chase him down on foot halfway to Brighton. Anyway, here I am, footsore but triumphant, bearing pictorial evidence of the She’s The One authors in action! I haven’t managed to get snaps of everyone, sadly, but it was a genuinely brilliant event – thank you so much to everyone who came!

Chris Whyatt, with a piece about his frankly excellent grandmother. True fact: Chris is so tall that Archimedes once used him to move the Earth. 

Yes, that’s a leverage joke. Move it along, people, nothing to see here.

This nice lady is Cathy Bryant, who read her poem on Sophie Scholl and also Rosie Garland’s on her great-grandmother, since Rosie couldn’t be there in person. She is living proof that talented poets don’t have to be humourless ponces.

Justine Knowles, autographing a book for an adoring fan. I’m pretty sure she’ll have written something better than me – when I was asked for a signature I got so flustered that I ended up writing ‘Thanks!’ instead of ‘Best wishes’ or ‘All the best’. I’ll never be cool enough to be famous.


The lovely Gaynor Jones, who didn’t think she’d be reading but very sweetly did so anyway when I asked her to. Her husband Paul also took these photos, so thank you to both of them for saving me from my own wiftiness.

Kylie Jensen read her poem about her little sister just before I read mine about, um, mine. She completely blew me out of the water. THANKS KYLIE, NOW I LOOK LIKE I HAVE NO FEELINGS.

So there you have it! It's been such a fantastic project. Thanks once again to all who came along and to everyone who contributed to the book. I'd also like to thank the Academy, my mommy for believing in me, my agent who always makes me give 110%...Oh, gosh, just everybody! Do you have a tissue?

— May 08, 2013


Kylie Jensen:

Ha ha, I think the commentary here is my favourite thing of the day! You know what else? I wrote ‘Thanks’ when I signed the books, too! I was just so caught up in how rich and famous I was for a moment, that I wasn’t paying enough attention to what was coming out the end of the pen…

Thanks for everything, Sarah!


May 08 2013 at 04:05 PM

Cathy Bryant:

That’s brilliant! A lovely reminder of a warm and wonderful evening.

May 08 2013 at 07:05 PM

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