My World

Also known by its alternative working title, Why My Office Is Nicer Than Your Office.

Look. Look at this.

Is that – is that a desk full of presents and cake as a surprise early birthday celebration because I won’t be in the office next Friday?

Why, yes. Yes, I believe it is.


Listen, though, if you think this looks good you should see the birthday we’ve got planned for My World. That’s right, gang, come PGLive in May it will be one whole year since our beautiful baby launched itself bodily on an unsuspecting world, and we thought it only right to celebrate the occasion and demonstrate our hard-won maturity by throwing ourselves a party. And guess what – you’re invited! In fact, you’re the star guest! Hey, you didn’t think we’d forget about you, did you? Come on, it wouldn’t be a party without you there! See, we even did you an invitation: 

Print it out and bring it along (or just turn up regardless, because you’re super-cool like that) to partake of cake and wine and some top-level silliness. Presents optional (but preferred).

— April 19, 2013

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