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Ta-da! The Moth books came back from the printers today. Bet you didn’t know we did crime novels as well as cards, eh? Ah, Grasshopper, you have much to learn. There’s a lot going on beneath the surface here. It’s like an anthill. Or an iceberg. An antberg?

Ahem. Anyway, last year the brains behind My World joined forces with the folks at New Writing North to launch Moth Publishing, a new imprint to find and promote some truly excellent crime fiction, and we’ll be launching our first four authors this summer. If there’s anything in this world more delicious than the smell of a newly printed book then kindly put it in a box and mail it over to the office quick sharp so we can have some with our afternoon cuppa.

Stay tuned for more Moth news, and in the meantime – LOOK! LOOK HOW NICE THEY ARE!

— April 02, 2013

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