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Yes, I am going to make that reference every time I get back from a holiday. No, there's nothing you can do to stop me. Deal with it, people!

Come on, don't look like that. Here, I brought you a present back from Rome! No, it's not a glow-in-the-dark rosary. (You wouldn't believe how expensive those things are.) It's a brand new web page! And not only that, it's selling a brand new book! And not only THAT, but it's got a fancy little logo button on the main menu! Honestly, that took about as long to do as the book did. All my erstwhile HTML skills have gone a bit drippy. Anyway, the point is that the collective publishing genius behind Moth Publishing have dived back into their insect dictionary and brought you Mayfly Press, a brand new imprint created to publish an extremely special book.

Now, those of you who have never read Crocodile Soup -- shame on you. And anyone who has never heard of Julia Darling -- double shame. (I hadn't done either. I am the shamefullest.) It's an absolutely fantastic novel by a wonderful writer, first published in 1998 and now republished in a commemorative edition. I read it for the first time as I was setting it for print, and I had to keep stifling alternate tears and guffaws like some kind of crazy person. I highly recommend you buy it, and not just because, y'know, we're selling it. 


[Note: normally I would provide a handy link here to the thing I'm promoting, but I've put too much darn work into that flipping little logo button to allow you to conveniently circumvent it. Move your cursor (or finger) up to the top of the screen and kindly click it. Your participation is much appreciated.]

— May 27, 2015

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