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We're going! First thing tomorrow, Andrea and I will be heading down to le big smoke (see previous entry) for a mosey around the Museum + Heritage Show. Why? Because we're in the market for some big glass taxidermy display cases and a really top-notch ecommerce system, of course. No no, we're meeting up with some of our cultural pals from Tyne and Wear Museums and Birmingham THSH (I know, aren't we unbearable) for important business coffee and a mosey around the stands.

Anyone else who'll be at the show/near the show/in London in general is more than welcome to give us a shout and join us - should be a lovely day. I plan to exploit the fact that I will, for once, be attending a show as a visitor and not an exhibitor. This will mostly be done by running up and down the aisles, taking luxuriantly long toilet breaks, and sitting down whenever I feel like it. Y'know, in a totally professional way.

— April 29, 2015

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