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Or, Alice Turns 150 and Celebrates In Reet Canny Style, Like

Happy birthday, Alice! And happy unbirthday to the rest of you (unless it actually is your birthday, in which case -- well, you get the message). Either way, what could be a nicer present for you and your loved ones than a brand new 150th anniversary edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, beautifully designed and featuring the original Tenniel illustrations, as well as a stonking new introduction by yours truly? That's right. There can be no nicer present. Better get on it, then.

*And yes, I KNOW that Alice in Sunderland would have been a much better pun, but that's already been taken by someone else. (THANKS, Bryan.) (Actually it's excellent, you should all buy it.) I'm working with what I've got, here.

— March 24, 2015

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