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Now I know that every time we bring out a new card I say it's my favourite ever, but this one for realsies actually is. Look. LOOK AT IT. Isn't that gorgeous? I want that to be on our flipping banknotes. This is our brand new Birmingham Town Hall design, which we have done for Birmingham Town Hall. (That's the concert venue, by the way, not the seat of local government. Much cooler.) We have also done a couple of the Birmingham Symphony Hall for - as you might have guessed - the Birmingham Symphony Hall, which can be seen over in our Birmingham regional section right this very second. The one of the auditorium is frankly stunning. (I'm allowed to say that because I'm not the designer. Also because it's true.) Expect Birmingham mugs, magnets, prints, postcards and badge sets to be making their debut shortly as My World girds its loins and takes over the Midlands. 


— January 14, 2015

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