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You remember our Up North collection of our favourite Northern words and phrases, bold, quirky, fun for all the family, available at all good retailers? Welllllll, they went so well that we ended up adding some Northern Irish phrases in there too. Hey, come on - it's still North! It still counts!

Then, as interest in the range grew, we got more requests. "Do Manchester!" "Do Liverpool!" Ok, ok, we said. No problem, happy to help. Still North! Still counts!

But then came the tricky bit. "Do Birmingham!"

Birmingham? I mean, we wanted to. Of course we did! My nan was a Brummie, and to this day I associate the phrase 'ta-ra, bab!' with Sunday dinners and The Sound of Music. But could we put Brummie phrases into a range dedicated to Northernisms?

Hang on a second, though! I mean, sure, for us 'North' means 'places that are in the North' - but to the slice of the population who lives in London, 'North' means 'anywhere that isn't London'. Birmingham qualifies! Get it in there!

And so, without further ado, I present a sneak peak of the expanded Up North range, featuring phrases from Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham - available as soon as I get them up on the website. (Could be a while.) Good, eh?


— December 09, 2014

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