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Have you had a look at our products section recently? Have you? I'm guessing you haven't. Oh, you lovable rascal, you! Well, go on, go on - get over there and give it a click. 




Finally the mugs and sets are here! Just in time for Christmas, you'll be glad to hear. We've got designs from our Newcastle, Gateshead, Wearside and Liverpool collections, as well as some frankly gorgeous science mugs and a brand new range of adorable mini-mugs perfect for drinking fruit juice or (depending on the individual) hard liquor. SO. CUTE.

Not only that, but for our spectacular fellow-Northerners we have badge and magnet sets celebrating how totally ace we are. They're great. You should buy them.

And the really good news? We'll be adding more. Birmingham, we're looking at you; also Scotland, Belfast, Manchester.... If you're very lucky we might even do London one day. I know. I KNOW. The festive spirit is clearly having an effect.


— November 05, 2014

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