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Autumn has officially arrived. Conkers are falling, scarfs are muffling, and offices around the world turn into messy corporate incubators for the common cold. I've won the race this year to bring the first round of sniffles to the office -- no need to thank me, guys -- so I'm passing the time in breathing stealthily on everyone else's phones and keyboards and updating the website with all our new magnets. 

We've extended our regional focus to Liverpool, adding magnet options to four of our glorious Liverpudlian designs, but the ones I'm really excited about are our BRAND NEW MUSICAL TYPOGRAPHY MAGNETS OH MY GOD YOU GUYS THEY'RE SO NICE. Look. Look how nice they are.

They're bright, beautiful and available right here. Is it enough to drive my miserable cold away and send me frolicking around the office like a new lamb? Of course not, don't be ridiculous. Is it enough to make me smile weakly through my sniffles and feel marginally better about life in general? Actually, yes. Not a mean feat, in the circumstances.

— September 23, 2014

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