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1) Thrown out of the room for being a charlatan and a rank amateur

2) Drunk

So, pretty much a success all round then! I'd been a bit nervous (read: wetting myself) about the whole thing, but it was a really great trip; I would highly advise membership of the Association of Cultural Enterprises for anyone who is involved in/has something to offer to museums, galleries or other cultural efforts. The study day was variously fascinating and terrifying, as any series of talks from experts in their field should be, and I gained several nuggets of interesting statistical information that I've already trotted out to the office in a no doubt fairly unbearable way.

Everyone was also extremely friendly, so anyone worried about a cliquey Mean Girls-esque reception can rest at ease. Special shout-out to the lady from Durham Cathedral and the gentleman from GU Heritage Retail, who sat next to me and conversed effortlessly about hat collecting, the American South and the wrangling of minions. Drinks are on me next time, guys.

— September 03, 2014

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