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Give me a place on my first ever Association of Cultural Enterprises' networking event and study day! Aww yeah. MAN I'm excited. It's going to be up in Glasgow, with a networking drinks event at the fabulous GoMA on September 1st followed by a day of looking at product development at Kelvingrove Museum & Gallery (both of which we've done a card design for, incidentally...). There's an official program and everything.

Am I exactly sure what to expect? Not really, no.

Will I know anybody there? Absolutely not.

Am I going to be like the weird outcast kid in the corner that all the cultural cheerleaders throw crisps at? It's a possibility I have to consider.

With a bit of luck, though, it'll be a really fantastic trip -- both in terms of learning new stuff and meeting new people. And did I mention the drinks bit?

— August 18, 2014

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