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YES, that's right, after over a week of absence on important gadding-related business I am finally Back In Town. Let's celebrate with some Harry Potter-centric amusement. #wood4Wood

And so, on to business. HARROGATE. Oh, the tales I have to tell! Highlights of Harrogate Home & Gift 2014 included an extremely strong combined effort in the pub quiz from Ian "I'm definitely sure it's Greenland" MacFarlaine of the Greetings Today team, superstar agent Alina Clark, Art File intern Isabel and yours truly. Did we win? No. Did we come second and still win a prize? YOU BETCHA. (Incidentally, it WAS Greenland. Sorry again, Ian.)

I also met some lovely familiar faces from the likes of Sage Gateshead, Seven Stories, Unit 7 and The Back Page, as well as some fantastic new friends and customers. I flogged our Liverpool Cathedral card to the nice retail bloke from Liverpool Cathedral, which was ineffably satisfying, and I may also have taken some orders from the FOR SCIENCE! mugs that we haven't actually had made yet. Oops.

All in all, a flipping good show. Now, bring on Autumn Fair!

— July 21, 2014

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