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Let's be honest here; I'm not writing this blog post during the actual show. Why? Well, because I don't have an iPad *coughcoughAndreapleasebuymeacompanyiPadcoughsplutter* and because, with a bit of luck, I am far too busy every evening hanging out with you, my shiny new friends. Instead, I am using my super whiz technical know-how to set up a blog post in advance to say hello, how are you and it has almost certainly been lovely to meet you. I'm basically talking to you from the past. From the paaaaaaaast! Spooky. 

Anyway, drop me a line and we can hang out. Or you can buy some of my cards, or whatever. I'd be down to grab a beer if your lucky enough to live locally, or if you're a London type I'm sure I could treat you to an overpriced sparkling cocktail from some pretentious wine bar.

— July 09, 2014

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