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I'M SO HAPPY AND EXCITED, GOD I LOVE WEDDINGS. What's that? No, no it isn't my wedding. Nope, not one of my friends or family. No, I'm not going. What? SHUT UP, I JUST LOVE WEDDINGS IS ALL. I couldn't put up a picture of the other side because it's got the actual date on it and I know what you guys are like, you'd all be turning up in Liverpool and drifting around looking for a wedding to crash. I'm looking at YOU, Vince Vaugh and Owen Wilson.



It's no good looking at me like that.



All I'm going to say, on behalf of My World and disgusting romantics everywhere, is CONGRATULATIONS, JAMES AND CHRIS. I will try my best to keep it together at least until after we've done the formal invitation packs. (After that I reserve the right to dissolve in a big soppy pile of weeping.)

— July 08, 2014

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