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Going down to Harrogate, doo-dah, doo-dah, setting up for Harrogate, oh, de doo-dah day. Guess where I am today, kids? NOT IN THE OFFICE, that's where I am. Or where I'm not. Erm, you know what I mean. Anyway, the point is that Andrea "Take The Money And Run" Murphy and my good self are pootling down to the Georgian gem right this very minute, and though we're both very sad not to be in the office and fielding phone calls and emails and suchlike from your fine selves, we are absolutely stoked for Home & Gift Harrogate 2014, opening this Sunday for four solid days of ker-azy partyi-- I mean, highly professional networking and customer interaction with other extremely sober businesspersons. Ahem.

Stand H60 is where the magic is happening, so do come on down and partake; you can't miss us, we're the mahoosive great behemoth right at the front of the hall manned by a lumbering fool in head-to-toe blue and orange. Hiya!

Be there or be square, nonsense fans.

— July 07, 2014

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