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One of the best things about a) living in Newcastle and b) my job is getting to casually swing by BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art on a fairly regular basis for meetings, product development and sample drop-offs. Heading over there this morning to drop off a sample of our exquisite new packs of dinky regional Christmas cards because retail seasonal buying cycles are twelve kinds of crazy, I couldn't help but spot an ENORMOUS GREAT DISPLAY RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE ENTRANCE featuring some oddly familiar designs.

YES, folks, those are our Tyne Bridge, Angel and Tyneside Skyline designs as prints, magnets and glorious mugs. They look absolutely FANTASTIC. (I celebrated by having a piece of cake for breakfast from the BALTIC cafe, because I'm a grownup now and I can do what I hecking like. Really, really nice cake.)

— July 01, 2014

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