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I'll be the first to admit that Mondays and Wonderful Happenings are not generally the closest of friends. Maybe if they meet at a party they'll exchange a bit of small talk, but I think everyone agrees they don't really have much in common.

This week, though, it's a bit different. This week Monday has been found snogging Wonderful Happenings in a broom closet and now they're holding hands in the corridor.


Look, I'll show you:

First - biscuits. Admittedly these biscuits actually arrived on Friday afternoon, but they were still here waiting for us when we arrived this morning and that is definitely what counts. And these are no ordinary biscuits; these are delicious, crumbly proof of humanity's kindness. A week or so ago a lady called Elaine got in touch asking about a book we published about Durham villages, which is now out of print. We've got five or six copies left in the warehouse, but they're a bit on the weathered side - not exactly bookshop-fresh. We told Elaine this but she said she didn't care, she just wanted the book, so we decided to just send her a copy free.

On Friday, Elaine came to the office. She brought a lovely card and two packs of biscuits as a thank you present for us to have with our tea. She is the nicest lady on the planet and it's still making me a bit fuzzy thinking about it three days later.



Second - weddings. We were recently contacted by a lovely bloke who is marrying his fiance next year in Liverpool, and having bought and loved our Liverpool postcards in super style-crib Utility, got in touch to ask if we'd do him some special Liverpool wedding stationery. I said AHHH YES OF COURSE THAT IS SO NICE WE'D LOVE TO and did a little flappy happy dance on the other end of the phone, because modern emancipated feminist I may be but I can't help going soppy about people getting married.

Well, we sent through some options for designs last week, and this morning got such a lovely reply that I almost started flapping all over again. I'm going to get "Thank you to you and your team for being so wonderful and creating exactly what we wanted" put on our business cards. Can I get a big shout-out and congratulations to the pair of them?


Third - The British Library. The Big Daddy, the Top Dog, the legal deposit library to end all others, put in an absolutely cracking order this morning for our OH MY WORD range of cards. How cool is that?! Very cool, is the answer. I'm going to have a special trip down to London to see them in place, so if you never hear from me again I've probably just moved in there permanently. SO MANY BOOKS, you guys.

— June 30, 2014

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