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It's done. It's finished. As you read this I am either hurtling through the air in a tiny metal tube, or already touched down once more in the green and pleasant land. Sob. But it's still a day of holiday, it STILL COUNTS, damnit, so let's get Operation Long Distance going out with a bang

On the eighth day of Operation Long Distance your friendly neighbourhood My World got for you...

...the poetry of Pablo Neruda read by cats.

...some comedy gold. (Sample joke:- "Question: What do you call a lady with a lady with marmelade on her head. Answer: Margret.")

...this classic Titanic exposé.

...Stephen Fry fumbling the Acropolis.

...this word.

...this tree house.

...a pug licking your computer screen.

...and finally a website that invites you to draw a line.

Tomorrow I will be back all up in your space, which I'm afraid will just have to be gift enough. That's gift enough, right, guys?


— June 17, 2014

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