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IT'S THE PENULTIMATE DAY OF MY HOLIDAY. That is a) very sad because I will have to leave Greece and go back to work, and b) very happy because I get to come back and hang with you guys again. But, y'know, mostly very sad. 

I'll be spending today running around trying to cram as much holiday as possible into my last twenty-four hours, but you guys get another day of Operation Long Distance gifting. Hurrah! Here's an audio clip of French and Saunders giggling like drunk ladies over an insane Madonna interview. It never fails to cheer me up. There's also a transcript reviewing Breaking Dawn and the classic Ryan Gosling vs. Puppy debate. 

Soundtrack? Let's have a bit of Nat King Cole. Lovely. Operation Long Distance will be back tomorrow for the VERY LAST TIME until my next holiday which will hopefully be super soon. Have a good day, m'dears!

— June 17, 2014

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