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Ahhh, Sunday. Even Operation Long Distance chills out on a Sunday. (I mean, I've been chilling out constantly for a few days now, so really all my days have been like Sundays. I have absolutely no problem with this. You may be aware I'm on holiday...?)

Soundtrack today is Every Day Is Like Sund-- no no of course it isn't. Soundtrack is the soothing and wonderful sound of rain, and if you really need anything other than to sit and let it wash over you you could always add the soothing and wonderful sound of Simon Schama. As far as procrastination techniques go, I can't think of anything more perfect than these adorable little flash games, where the items must be added in the right order to release the giant flashing rainbow bunny.

We'll be back tomorrow lunchtime with Phase Six. See you then, procrastination fans!

— June 17, 2014

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