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So, who's excited for a week's holiday in Greece? Can you guess? Can you?


But don't despair, o ye wretched office-prisoners. You may not be heading out to the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean to swim around like a big pasty freedom-fish (did I mention I'm excited about my holiday?), but you can at least head on down to the Great North Museum: Hancock and the brilliant Tyneside Roman forts to pick up one of these snazzy panoramic magnets. Oh, what's that? You didn't know My World did bespoke magnets to go with their bespoke card design service? Jeez, guys. What, do you live under a rock or something?


Magnets. Gorgeous, shiny, high-quality, loooooooooooooooooooong magnets, perfect for pinning love letters to the fridge or attaching to the bumper of your boss's car. The Romans on Tyneside one even has a MATCHING MUG to go with it. Get 'em while they're going!

— June 17, 2014

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