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PHEW. Hey, guys, I don't know about you, but I am EXHAUSTED. Do you ever find that the week following a Bank Holiday Monday is inexplicably much, MUCH longer than a normal week? Like, at least three days longer. I think it must only take a day for your brain to decide that you must have unexpectedly retired and start looking forward to a peaceful old age of pottering around the allotment. (Not that it's exactly been allotment weather, of course. Do you think maybe it wants to rain a bit harder out there?! If it carries on like this I'm going to start building an ark.)


I'm not only tired because of ceaseless precipitation and the passage of time. I've been bending my poor airy-fairy floaty-flaky English Literature-type brain into terrible shapes for the past couple of days in the effort to improve the My World website; I have gained an appreciation for nested span tags that would astonish my high school IT teacher. And you know what? It's PAID OFF.

Look! Look around you! Isn't it glorious? We now have a Ranges page with all of our beautiful designs laid out in collections; we have a page for the books and a page for the products, and most exciting of all we have a REGIONAL DROP-DOWN LIST. Now anyone looking for a pocket guide to Scouse, a skyline print of Newcastle or a card to send to Auntie Morag in Aberdeen can find their perfect product with the click of a mouse. This is the dawn of a new, html-literate era for My World.

I'm so flipping proud. 

— May 30, 2014

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