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Look. Look look look. Look at this.


Now it’s been a while since I swapped out my blue-and-orange paper hat for my sinister and nefarious Moth cap, but people – the time is upon us. Moth Publishing’s Northern Crime Competition is BACK, bigger and better than ever. Come over here, check this out.

Are you hip, thrusting, eager but untried wannabe novelist? Are you a crusty old geography school teacher with a heart full of diabolical cunning and a 70s Parker pen? Have you ever picked up a brick-thick crime novel in an airport or a charity shop and thought, “Come ON, I could do WAY better than that…”? And, most importantly, are you part of that bastion of excellence that is the North of Merrie England? Well, your luck is in. Not only are we reopening the competition to find the second wave of award-winning best-selling crime novels, we are widening our scope to include short stories between 3,000 and 5,000 words.

This is the bit I find really exciting. 3,000 to 5,000?! That’s nothing. That’s the same length as either one or two essays in university, depending on how diligent/concise you were. You used to write one of those a WEEK. Sometimes TWO. OK, so they weren’t exactly crime fiction, but there was surely a certain criminal element to them, right? Maybe that was just me.

I’m not allowed to enter, boo hiss, but YOU are! So are your friends and family! Go on, then, what are you waiting for? Pick up those pens and get a-scheming!

— February 13, 2014

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