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Good lord. Well, that was tiring. Top Drawer, Scotland and Spring Fair back to back? I don’t know what happened to my brain over the course of the Christmas holidays but I can only assume it must at some point have fallen out of my bottom. I don’t know what we were thinking, but I’m a) utterly wiped and b) weirdly glad we did them all.

Top Drawer was two days of relative peace followed by a last day of inexplicable chaos, as everyone within the M25 developed some sort of uncontrollable card-buying tic and descended on stand G8 en masse. Scotland was fortunately sedate in comparison – both exhibitors and attendees were marked by their niceness, and we came away with some lovely new customers (and some lovely new jam, but that’s another story for another time) – and then of course there was Spring Fair.

Oh, Spring Fair.

Listen, you all know what Spring Fair is like. You may even have been there, you crazy kids. Let’s just say it was the usual dizzying whirl of business, leads, prospects and big exciting people from places like, ooh, say, CANADA coming over and saying ‘Yeah, we totally want to distribute your cards all over the hecking world.’ You know, for example. VERY exciting.

And now, two pieces of news. One is sad: Tobias has left.

Hang on, I don’t think I said that loud enough.


There, that’s better. Not that anything could ever make it better really, but Heathcliff-style wailing does relieve my feelings somewhat. AS DOES the second piece of news, which is that I am channelling my emotions into literature and writing all about my loss for my second column in Greetings Today.

(Note: if you haven’t yet read my FIRST column for Greetings Today in the February 2014 issue, I am leaving a considerate gap for you to go to the online version and get informed. There, you read it now? Good.)

Yes, it’s true, I’m Greetings Today’s new columnist as of last month. I know. It’s ridiculous. I couldn’t be more excited, you guys.  Tracey Bearton, editor of GT and all-round flipping superhero, suffered a sad mental aberration and asked if I would like to contribute a small dose of monthly lunacy to her beautiful papery baby. I replied YES OF COURSE YOU ABSOLUTE MENTALIST, DONE, NO BACKSIES and now here we are with a column. Huzzah! If you could all go read it and then enthuse, um, enthusiastically on Twitter that would be v much appreciated and set me on my way to glory. Tweeting fingers at the ready? Aaaaand……GO!

— February 12, 2014

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