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So you know that thing that happened last September where we waited right up to the last minute and then booked seventy-three shows at once? (Ok, so I exaggerate, it was two – but STILL, for a girl whose idea of a ker-azy night is putting Worcestershire sauce on her beans on toast, it was an extremely exciting and spontaneous adventure.) Well, we enjoyed our brush with nervous collapse so much that we’re going one bigger for Spring. That’s right, kids; Top Drawer, Scotland and Birmingham aren’t gonna know what’s hit ’em. This is what happens when I’m allowed to return to the office two days before Andrea. Did I get anything nice for Christmas? I got a gosh darned stocking full of TRADE SHOWS, is what I got!

And so, without further ado, imma lay some ’fo on you crazy mothers. You ready? Y’all better be ready.


BOOM. Yeah! Take that! Get them in your diaries, guys ‘n’ gals. This is going to be a seriously exciting month, and it’d be great to have you on board!



— January 09, 2014

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