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Guess who's back? Back again?

Yes, I am going to make that reference every time I get back from a holiday. No, there's nothing you can do to stop me. Deal with it, people!

Come on, don't look like that. Here, I brought you a present back from Rome! No, it's not a glow-in-the-dark rosary. (You wouldn't believe how expensive those things are.) It's a brand new web page! And not only that, it's selling a brand new book! And not only THAT, but it's got a fancy little logo button on the main menu! Honestly, that took about as long to do as the book did. All my erstwhile HTML skills have gone a bit drippy. Anyway, the point is that the collective publishing genius behind Moth Publishing have dived back into their insect dictionary and brought you Mayfly Press, a brand new imprint created to publish an extremely special book.

Now, those of you who have never read Crocodile Soup -- shame on you. And anyone who has never heard of Julia Darling -- double shame. (I hadn't done either. I am the shamefullest.) It's an absolutely fantastic novel by a wonderful writer, first published in 1998 and now republished in a commemorative edition. I read it for the first time as I was setting it for print, and I had to keep stifling alternate tears and guffaws like some kind of crazy person. I highly recommend you buy it, and not just because, y'know, we're selling it. 


[Note: normally I would provide a handy link here to the thing I'm promoting, but I've put too much darn work into that flipping little logo button to allow you to conveniently circumvent it. Move your cursor (or finger) up to the top of the screen and kindly click it. Your participation is much appreciated.]

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Up North back where it belongs

So you know that thing where we added a bunch of (admittedly lovely) London phrases to our Up North regional phrases range malarkey whatsit? Well, we felt suitably ashamed of betraying our northern roots and, under severe threat of having our accents confiscated, we've backtracked oop country and brought out an unseasonably sunny range of Yorkshire cards. Lookit:


Good, eh? We've even got a special card for the great soft Southern nelly in every good Northerner's life. Remember our Eileen's boy Gary, who moved to Sevenoaks and goes by Theodore FitzCrispin?

Got it covered. Check out these and more in the Yorkshire section of our regional designs.

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Museum + Heritage Show

We're going! First thing tomorrow, Andrea and I will be heading down to le big smoke (see previous entry) for a mosey around the Museum + Heritage Show. Why? Because we're in the market for some big glass taxidermy display cases and a really top-notch ecommerce system, of course. No no, we're meeting up with some of our cultural pals from Tyne and Wear Museums and Birmingham THSH (I know, aren't we unbearable) for important business coffee and a mosey around the stands.

Anyone else who'll be at the show/near the show/in London in general is more than welcome to give us a shout and join us - should be a lovely day. I plan to exploit the fact that I will, for once, be attending a show as a visitor and not an exhibitor. This will mostly be done by running up and down the aisles, taking luxuriantly long toilet breaks, and sitting down whenever I feel like it. Y'know, in a totally professional way.

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Not so much Up North as Dahn Sarf

Well, and why not. Never let it be said that we are anything other than democratic and inclusive. You'll be happy to learn that our brand new additions to the Up North range are from that great Northern city, London. Shh, it's fine. It's FINE. Anyway, look at how nice they are! I love this colour palette. If I could decorate my entire house with these cards and the Bayeux Tapestry then I would be very happy.


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Alice in Why-Aye-Underland*

Or, Alice Turns 150 and Celebrates In Reet Canny Style, Like

Happy birthday, Alice! And happy unbirthday to the rest of you (unless it actually is your birthday, in which case -- well, you get the message). Either way, what could be a nicer present for you and your loved ones than a brand new 150th anniversary edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, beautifully designed and featuring the original Tenniel illustrations, as well as a stonking new introduction by yours truly? That's right. There can be no nicer present. Better get on it, then.

*And yes, I KNOW that Alice in Sunderland would have been a much better pun, but that's already been taken by someone else. (THANKS, Bryan.) (Actually it's excellent, you should all buy it.) I'm working with what I've got, here.

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Having our cake and eating it (for charity)

So Kirsten Dunst swung by to check out our charity cake sale in aid of the Percy Hedley foundation!

OK, well, no, she didn't, but look. It was way better than that anyway. For one thing, we had a lovely green shamrocky St Patrick's Day theme which > stupid pastel 18th-century French fancies.

Before: ludicrous quantities of cake. (Please bear in mind that Ian is about seventeen feet tall and thus not a helpful comparison of scale.)

After: howling crumb-covered devastation.




Man, that was great. As you may or may not know (depending on how much you've been concentrating over the past month), My World is currently supporting Percy Hedley, a shockingly good charity for children and adults with autism and cerebral palsy - other fundraising shenanigans include walking over red hot coals, feel free to donate to prove you're not a monster - and this cakey malarkey was all in aid of that. We haven't held a cake sale at My World before and I honestly wasn't sure how it would turn out, but fortunately my doubts were entirely assuaged by the colleagues, co-tenants and random passers-by who descended like a swarm of sugar-addicted locusts.

Many thanks to everyone who stopped by and fought down their inherent dislike of delicious cake in order to support this wonderful cause; you've helped us raise two hundred pounds and an entire building's worth of blood sugar levels, and we love you.

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Sneak preview of coming attractions

Here comes the bride, baa bumm ba-dumm... 


Hang on to your something-borrowed-something-blues, brides-to-be of the North East - here comes My World to take care of all your stationery needs! This is something we've been stewing in our secret kettles for a while now, and we're almost ready to burst upon the bridal world. Exciting! We'll be launching our personalised wedding package this weekend at the BALTIC Wedding Fair, with gorgeous sample packs and free sweeties available to stylish lovebirds of all varieties. Come on down, check us out - we've got a banner and everything.

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Twisted fire....walker

Right, so on March 26th we are - or at least Ian High is - walking actually barefoot over actual hot coals for The Percy Hedley Foundation. He’s taking part in their Firewalk to raise money for the Splash Appeal, and if any of you lovely people would like to support his efforts with a donation or maybe a bandage that would be wonderful.

As some of you will know, Percy Hedley do some truly incredible things for children and adults with cerebral palsy and autism. Visiting one of their schools is both inspirational and humbling and not something you forget easily.

You can find out more about Percy Hedley here, and our JustGiving page is here. Cookies in heaven and many public declarations of love on Twitter to anyone who donates. Thank you so much!

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Brum-d new

Now I know that every time we bring out a new card I say it's my favourite ever, but this one for realsies actually is. Look. LOOK AT IT. Isn't that gorgeous? I want that to be on our flipping banknotes. This is our brand new Birmingham Town Hall design, which we have done for Birmingham Town Hall. (That's the concert venue, by the way, not the seat of local government. Much cooler.) We have also done a couple of the Birmingham Symphony Hall for - as you might have guessed - the Birmingham Symphony Hall, which can be seen over in our Birmingham regional section right this very second. The one of the auditorium is frankly stunning. (I'm allowed to say that because I'm not the designer. Also because it's true.) Expect Birmingham mugs, magnets, prints, postcards and badge sets to be making their debut shortly as My World girds its loins and takes over the Midlands. 


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